COVID-19 Update: New Measures for 多伦多 Workplaces

On January 4, 2021, 多伦多’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, announced new measures for 多伦多 workplaces to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Effective immediately, there are new reporting requirements, infection prevention measures, and a system to publicly report on workplace related outbreaks.

Employers must immediately notify 多伦多 Public 健康once aware of two or more people who test positive for COVID-19 within a 14-day interval in connection with the workplace premises. On the occurrence of two positive cases within the noted interval, employers must also:

  • Provide 多伦多 Public 健康with a designated contact person;

  • 准备可在24小时内提供给所有工人的准确联系信息列表;

  • 将疫情通知安大略省劳工,培训和技能发展部和/或其他相关政府部门;和

  • Cooperate with 多伦多 Public Health, including allowing entry to the workplace for inspection and to support enhanced control measures.

多伦多 Public 健康has issued additional infection prevention measures that workplaces are instructed to abide by. These include:

  1. 确保在工作和休息区提供洗手液和洗手设施;

  2. 在所有高触感区域(如门把手和电梯按钮)以及公众可进入的区域(如洗手间,结帐柜台和小卖部)实施严格而频繁的环境清洁。

  3. 审查供暖,通风和空调系统,以确保其功能正常;

  4. 最小化车辆中一个以上个体的实例。在不可能的情况下,确保戴上面部防护罩并打开车窗;

  5. 确保工人至少两米的距离,并安装单向人行道;和

  6. 在不可能进行物理疏远的地方设置物理障碍。


Dr. Eileen de Villa also announced that 多伦多 Public 健康will make available a list of workplace related outbreaks. The list will be updated every Thursday and contain workplaces where there has been sustained transmission of COVID-19, a significant proportion of staff have been infected, the outbreak is of a significant duration, and/or the workplace is large enough that the risk of privacy concerns are mitigated. The list will cover 11 settings, including grocery stores, pharmacies, food-processing 现场 s, 办事处, warehousing, shipping and distribution, construction, and manufacturing facilities.

The 多伦多 Public 健康Instructions for Workplaces can be found 这里 .





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