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安德鲁’s rich sector knowledge and familiarity with the legal landscape make him a strong ally to have on your commercial litigation team.

安德鲁 is a partner in our Litigation Group in 多伦多. He is also a member of our Global Mining Litigation Practice Group and 国际仲裁 Practice Group.

安德鲁 maintains a general civil and corporate/commercial litigation practice, primarily centred on disputes involving mining, construction/infrastructure, as well as professional negligence. As a litigator, 安德鲁 assists the clients he works with on civil proceedings – having appeared at all levels of the courts in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal, regulatory complaints and domestic and international arbitrations.

Notable files 安德鲁 has been involved with include having:

  • 代表一家全球多元化的自然资源公司,就与正确计算矿产使用费有关的争议进行国际商业仲裁;
  • 在一家有争议的贵金属特许权使用费的所有权的继任人中,为一家大型和次要公司的全球特许权公司提供法律服务;
  • 在民事诉讼和仲裁中为各种业主和开发商就建筑留置权纠纷提供法律服务;
  • 在专业过失事务中以首席审判律师和首席律师的身份出现在安大略上诉法院;和
  • 在商业清单上的禁止令程序,申请和行动中代表商业方。

安德鲁 keeps a finger on the pulse of what is happening legally in the industries he serves in a number of ways. He regularly writes for the firm’s mining industry blog 采矿前景 和年度 法院采矿 publication. 安德鲁 also contributes to the firm’s 国际仲裁 Blog, has authored various articles and speaks at seminars on topics of advocacy. Lastly, 安德鲁 combines his passion for the law and teaching by being an instructor at the Faculty of Law at 女王’s University, where he enlightens the lawyers of tomorrow on trial advocacy.

安德鲁 received a BA (Hons.) from 女王’s University in 2007 and a JD from 女王’s University in 2010, when he was awarded the course prize in Health Law. In addition, to complement his already rich sector knowledge, 安德鲁 has earned a Certificate in Mining Law from Osgoode Hall 法学院 . He was called to the Ontario Bar in 2011, and is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association and the Advocates’ Society.