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纽约, USA, 2006

鲍比·王 is a counsel in the Business Law Group in 多伦多. He is also the co-chair of the 中国 Practice. He maintains a general business law practice including financing, M&A,采矿,银行法规和一般公司法。

Most recently Mr. 王 advised on the $2.1 Billion Bluesky acquisition of InnVest REIT, which transaction was the largest, Chinese inbound acquisition into Canada in 2016.


  • 为中国大型国有企业和私营企业提供融资和收购方面的咨询&涉及酒店,采矿和石油等多种行业的交易& gas;
  • 向大型中资银行(工行和农行)就其附表三外国银行分行申请提供法律意见;
  • 为中国大型企业在加拿大的进出战略提供咨询;
  • 为附表一,二,三的银行和其他外国金融机构就其银团和双边担保融资交易提供咨询;
  • Acting as in-house counsel for a large Canadian bank supporting its Canadian 银行业operation;
  • 向一家大型美国投资银行就其抵押债务义务提供法律意见;和
  • 向多家美国和欧洲投资银行就其衍生品交易提供咨询。

鲍比 was born and raised in Shanghai, 中国 and is fluent in Mandarin and Shanghainese. His current focus includes servicing clients from Asia, Canada, US and UK for corporate and financing transactions.

鲍比 received his B.Comm. from University of 多伦多 in 2000 and his JD from 奥斯古德·霍尔法学院 of York University in 2005. He was admitted to the bar in both Ontario and 纽约 in 2006. He practiced law in both 纽约 and 多伦多 and in both private practice and the law group of a large Canadian bank before joining 麦卡锡·特劳特 in its 多伦多 Office in 2012