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With practical counsel and specialized industry knowledge, 布赖恩 has built a reputation as one of Canada’s leading practitioners in energy and power law

布赖恩·比迪克 is a partner in the firm’s Business Law Group and 能源Group, located in the firm’s 卡尔加里 office. His practice encompasses a variety of 公司/商业事务,专业为M&石油和天然气,电力和可再生能源行业的资产剥离。

布赖恩 is often called upon to advise major oil and gas corporations in the upstream, midstream and service sectors, as well as electricity developers and producers in respect of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, as well as the development and construction of projects. He adds value to his clients’ organizations by working seamlessly with in-house legal teams and advising on their day-to-day legal and operational issues.

布赖恩’s experience includes the preparation and negotiation of a variety of agreements within the energy industry, including asset and share purchase, asset exchange, participation, farmout, joint venture, partnership, power purchase and tolling agreements.

布赖恩’s client portfolio is comprised of exploration and production companies, midstream companies, service companies, power developers and producers and private equity funds. He currently acts as corporate secretary for several of his clients and has developed corporate finance experience through his work with both public and private companies in equity and loan financing.

布赖恩 received his B.A. from the University of 卡尔加里 in 1996 and his LL.B. (with distinction) from the 萨斯喀彻温大学 in 2001. He is a Member of the Alberta Bar Association.


  • 担任潮水中游和基础设施收购的法律顾问,以8700万加元(3000万加元的现金和4370万股潮水股份)收购AltaGas在精选的深盆地和艾伯塔省中部天然气处理设施及相关基础设施中100%的工作权益。
  • Acted as lead counsel to Mount Bastion 油&天然气公司(Gas Corp.)收购石油&以1.48亿加元在北艾伯塔省奴隶点地区的天然气资产及其相关的私募股权融资。
  • 代表潮水中游和基础设施以1.8亿加元从一家私人公司收购艾伯塔省中部天然气处理设施的首席法律顾问。
  • Lead counsel to TORC 油&天然气有限公司,其从Surge 能源Inc.收购萨斯喀彻温东南部和曼尼托巴石油&天然气资产为4.3亿美元。
  • Lead counsel to Perpetual 能源Inc. in its asset disposition to Tourmaline 油Corp. for $256.5 million.
  • 担任TORC的联合顾问,处理其以5.1亿美元收购萨斯喀彻温省东南部低跌幅,高净值,轻油生产资产的交易。
  • Represented TORC 油&天然气有限公司以1.28亿加元收购东南萨斯喀彻温省的资产。
  • 向Lightstream Resources Ltd.就以3.78亿美元向Crescent Point 能源Ltd.出售资产提供法律意见。
  • 代表两家韩国私募股权基金与Harvest Operating Corp成立6.5亿美元的合资企业。
  • 代表Surge 能源Inc.以1.09亿美元收购东南萨斯喀彻温省轻油资产。
  • 代表Surge 能源Inc.以7700万美元的价格从一家未公开的供应商手中收购石油和天然气资产。
  • Represented Surge 能源Inc. on its $135 Million 油and Gas Acquisition with Fort 卡尔加里.
  • 代表Surge 能源Inc.与Bonavista Energy进行8000万美元的石油和天然气交易。