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布莱恩·韦斯特 is a partner in our commercial litigation group in 卡尔加里. He is the author of multiple legal texts including 阿尔伯塔省建筑商的留置权:程序,法律和注释法,第3版,由卡斯韦尔·汤姆森·路透(Carswell Thomson Reuters)每年合着, 海因茨曼和戈德史密斯,《加拿大建筑合同》,第5版 由Carswell Thomson Reuters季度出版,并且是 辩护集体诉讼:被告指南, published in January 2016 by LexisNexis. 布赖恩 is also a regular lecturer and guest speaker across Canada, including in the capacity of a faculty member for the Osgoode Certificate in 施工 law program. 布赖恩’s books have been cited by various levels of the Alberta courts and beyond.

Among other clients, 布赖恩 acts for energy companies, engineering firms, developers, information and technology companies, commercial landlords, hotels & resorts, manufactures, large non-profits and individual executives. 布赖恩’s commercial litigation practice includes a focus on construction, project development, municipal, commercial landlord & tenant and oil &天然气(能源)纠纷。


布赖恩 represents and advises corporations and partnerships in a wide range of significant commercial litigation matters including contract, construction, engineering, commercial leasing, ownership, oppression, intellectual property, fiduciary duty, negligence, and defamation disputes. His experience includes complex commercial disputes involving substantial mineral rights, large commercial property (e.g. office towers and shopping malls), chemical processing plants, mines, oil sands developments, high-way and bridge construction, and other large or mega-project related matters.


布赖恩 is widely considered a leading legal authority on construction and lien law in Alberta and beyond. 

布赖恩 primarily represents and advises developers/owner and engineers, but also general contractors, sub-contractors and material suppliers with respect to construction or development of buildings, infrastructure, and industrial projects. 布赖恩’s experience includes mandates involving disputes over $100MMs or $1B+, including complex construction matters such as subdivisions, hotels, commercial property, commercial gas and chemical plants, pipelines and oil sands projects. He has substantial experience in matters including builders’ liens, construction and contract disputes.


布赖恩 represents and advises owners, landlords, management companies and tenants in commercial landlord tenant disputes. He has substantial experience in disputes involving the enforcement, interpretation and termination of leases, the rights and obligations of property owners and developers and has won a number of significant cases in Alberta on the interpretation of commercial leasing provisions, including with respect to asbestos contamination, the right of quiet enjoyment, anticipatory breaches and implied and express liens. 


布赖恩 represents and advises developers in dealing with municipal legal matters, including zoning, development permit applications, contested subdvision appeal board matters, bylaw compliance, health &安全,财产税和其他发展问题。他的经验包括大型开发项目,包括细分,公寓,工业和商业地产。


布赖恩 represents and advises corporations and partnerships in a wide range of energy related matters including contract or lease disputes, joint venture disputes, operator disputes and lien/caveat disputes.


布赖恩 is frequently engaged in hearings, contested applications, arbitrations, trials and appeals before all levels of Courts in Alberta, including the Court of Appeal and at administrative tribunals. He also often advises clients on litigation matters arising in the province of British Columbia and Ontario. 

背景,社区参与& EDUCATION

布赖恩 was born and raised in Banff, Alberta. 布赖恩 received his BA from the University of 卡尔加里 in 2007, where, among other things, he served as President of the 学生们 ’ Union for two consecutive terms and as a member of the University Board of Governors for three years. In 2006 布赖恩 received the Order of the University of 卡尔加里.  布莱恩(Bryan)于2010年获得皇后大学(Queen’s University)的法学博士学位,并于2011年被任命为艾伯塔省律师。

布赖恩 is an actively engaged in the community and serves as a volunteer, officer and director with a number of local and provincial non-profit, charity and grass-roots political organizations. He has been noted for volunteer activities within the community through multiple awards including the Alberta Centennial Medal and has been profiled by the 卡尔加里 Herald as one of 卡尔加里’s “前20名最引人注目的卡尔加里人.” His past and present affiliations include the Pro-Bono 学生们 Canada (Supervising Lawyer), the University of 卡尔加里 Board of Governors (Board Member), the Forum for Albertans (Trustee and Director), the Ministry of Higher Education and Technology, Learning Alberta Steering Committee (Member) and the Sunnyside Hillhurst Community Association (Executive).