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全国公认的领导者 cybersecurity, data protection and technology law, 查尔斯 brings deep understanding of disruptive technologies, providing practical advice to help clients fully exploit the promise of innovative solutions while managing risk.

查尔斯 is the national co-leader of 麦卡锡·特劳特’s 网络/数据 Group and former leader of our 技术 Law group. He is President of the International 技术 律师 Association (iTechLaw).

查尔斯’ practice takes a 360-degree approach to data, helping clients extract the tremendous value inherent in data, while at the same time managing the associated risks. He is a recognized thought-leader on the responsible deployment of artificial intelligence. 查尔斯 regularly serves as "breach coach" for our clients in matters of enterprise-wide risk, including on three of the largest cyber incidents in Canadian history. Charles的业务重点是为我们公司的许多最大客户提供有关IT外包,系统集成,云,金融技术,数据安全,数据货币化,隐私,许可,电子商务和电信等最复杂的商业交易的建议。

As ITechLaw President, 查尔斯 has developed a worldwide network of trusted correspondent counsel that allow him to provide seamless client service around the globe, alerting clients to new developments and helping them to manage risks worldwide. He was 名称d 蒙特利尔’s 技术 “Lawyer of the Year” in the 2020 edition of 加拿大最好的律师 并在WWL Thought Leaders Global Elite 2021中在数据隐私和保护,数据安全性和IT方面被评为“全球精英思想领袖”。


" [查尔斯]非常了解IT和AI,这是一个很大的优势... [他]拥有强大的团队以及行业内的许多资源,这使他能够为我们提供更广阔的前景。"“他对隐私和IT法律问题有非常广泛的了解”……“他非常注重业务。 "


网络安全,隐私and 数据 Governance

  • 忠告 Canada’s largest financial 服务 cooperative in the wake of the largest data breach in Canadian history in the financial 服务 sector; advising on all aspects of privacy regulatory compliance in relation to the joint investigation by the federal and Quebec privacy commissioners, as well as its privacy and cybersecurity remediation plan.
  • 忠告 a leading Canadian health 服务 provider in the context of the largest data breach in Canadian history (regardless of sector), advising on all aspects of breach response including interactions with affected health authorities, privacy commissioners and other affected third parties.
  • 担任违规教练,以应对各种行业的勒索软件和数据勒索事件,包括汽车,零售,公共部门,老年人的“辅助生活”住所。
  • 通过涉及涉及匿名视频分析(AVA)的消费者行为分析项目的设计原则,协助零售创新代工厂实施隐私保护。
  • 忠告 a leading pharmaceutical company on developing and implementing a responsible AI governance policy.
  • 作为战略数据湖项目的一部分,协助领先的公共部门公用事业公司制定和实施数据匿名化策略。
  • 协助一家跨国铁路公司进行数据治理,关键基础设施的IT安全性,有关积极列车控制(PTC),无人机和卫星监管的风险披露。
  • 忠告 a leading Canadian insurance company on big data, artificial intelligence and recent developments on insurtech regulation.
  • 忠告 rapid growth fintech startups regarding constraints on the use of 人al information, including the management of risks related to screen-scraping and the use of API.
  • 协助一家跨国零售商实施一项新颖的计划,以促进销售代表与客户之间通过社交媒体进行的直接交流。
  • 帮助30多家公司遵守CASL(反垃圾邮件法)合规工作,包括CompuFinder的宪法和实质性辩护,CompuFinder是加拿大第一家收到CASL违规通知的公司。
  • 协助十几家加拿大公司评估GDPR在其业务运营中的适用性并实施合规计划。
  • 忠告 clients on implementation of cybersecurity response readiness policies and procedures.


" 他具有出色的技术意识,尤其是在商业环境中。”他是“一位精通谈判的人,对市场一无所知。” ……“他是一位杰出的律师。" … 查尔斯 is “smart as hell. "


  • 忠告 Bombardier Aerospace and Bombardier Transportation in a $700 百万美元的全球外包项目,涉及47个项目的实施 countries worldwide.
  • 忠告 a global engineering company in an outsourcing project implemented in over 20 countries worldwide.
  • 忠告 National Bank of Canada in relation to their $150 发行百万债券(与JP Morgan)使用区块链技术对发行进行并行模拟。
  • 忠告 a participant in the $250 百万SCALE.AI超级集群计划带来人工智能增强的解决方案,以帮助解决复杂的供应链管理挑战。
  • 忠告 a leading financial institution in relation to procuring AI-powered cloud solutions from market leading global service providers, helping to mitigate the associated privacy and IT security risks.
  • 忠告 a leading Canadian financial institution in negotiating a joint venture related to a digital wallet and mobile payment solution.
  • 忠告 telecommunications regulation authorities in over 10 世界各地的国家,例如移动电话的市场自由化,通用服务和网络中立性。
  • 忠告 a leading national retailer in relation to the development of a new AI-enhanced, integrated e-commerce platform, warehousing (automated pick and pack) and logistics platform to serve third-party retailers.
  • Representing a financial institution during the negotiation of a fibre network build and telecommunications 服务 outsourcing agreement.
  • 协助一家领先的数字和印刷媒体公司谈判IT外包协议。
  • 协助Salesforce支付$ 326 百万收购了社交媒体监控公司Radian6。
  • 代表一家埃及服务提供商与一家领先的魁北克广播和电信公司就离岸呼叫中心外包协议进行谈判。
  • 协助Desjardins收购加拿大国家农场保险业务。

查尔斯 is a regular conference speaker regarding novel and innovative marketplace trends, tying recent developments in the law and his direct experience navigating these issues to provide practical insights to clients and conference participants. He has recently been an invited speaker at technology law industry conferences in Hong Kong, Stockholm, Austin and Bangalore. He has also co-authored several books including 信息技术法—电子邮件 (加拿大LexisNexis,2008年), Halsbury’s Laws of Canada — 通讯技术 (加拿大LexisNexis,2019年重新发行), 负责任的AI:全球政策框架 (ITechLaw,2019)和 危机时刻的技术治理 (人类技术基金会,2020年)。

查尔斯 is a member of the Quebec Autorité des marché financier’s Technological Innovation Advisory Committee. He is a board member of the Human 技术 Foundation. He is also the President of board of directors of the contemporary dance company RUBBERBAND. 查尔斯 received his BCL/LLB in 1997 from 麦吉尔大学 and was admitted to the 魁北克 Bar in 1998.