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克里斯汀·沃兹沃思(Christine 沃兹沃思) is a senior associate in our Litigation group in 多伦多. She maintains a broad litigation practice with an emphasis on commercial litigation, professional liability, internal investigations and white collar defence.

克里斯汀 has served as lead counsel at both the trial and appellate level. She has tried cases before judges, juries and arbitrators. She has appeared before all levels of court in Ontario, including multiple appearances at the Court of Appeal. She regularly appears at the Commercial List in 多伦多 on complex commercial disputes. She has also appeared before the Competition Tribunal, the Discipline Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, and the Consent and Capacity Board. She regularly acts as a Prosecutor before the Ontario College of Teachers’ Discipline Committee and Fitness to Practise Committee. 克里斯汀(Christine)还在民事事务中担任专业会计公司的法律顾问。

克里斯汀’s commercial litigation experience includes:

  • 代表公司参加商业清单上的法律程序
  • 在动议,审判和上诉级别为金融机构代理
  • 代表一家大型建筑公司进行违反合同索赔的秘密仲裁
  • 在集体诉讼中代表一家大型食品公司
  • 为大型医疗保健公司针对国家数据泄露集体诉讼提供辩护

克里斯汀’s professional liability experience includes:

  • 在法官和陪审团共同审判的职业责任案件中为医生辩护
  • 代表医生与患者家属就寿命终止治疗发生纠纷
  • 在安大略省上诉法院最近的一项决定中成功代表上诉人,该判决确认为确定违反信义义务的责任,需要“但为”因果关系(斯特雷特诉凯玛,2020 ONCA 288)
  • 在加拿大有关死亡定义的最主要案件中成功代表被告,该案件确认了死亡的医学和法律定义包括神经系统标准的死亡(麦基蒂诉哈亚尼,2019 ONCA 805)
  • 在一个案件中成功代表被告医师进行审判,该案件关注的是医师是否有义务在没有医学指征的情况下提供CPR(瓦兹尼亚克诉利文斯通,2019 ONSC 4900)
  • 安大略省教师学院纪律委员会和健身实践委员会检察官
  • 代表专业会计师事务所处理审计师的责任案件

克里斯汀’s criminal and investigations experience includes:

  • 在审判和上诉级别的刑事诉讼中为客户辩护
  • 一家上市公司内部调查的法律顾问

克里斯汀 serves as co-director of 麦卡锡·特劳特’s pro bono criminal defence program, which is a partnership with the University of 多伦多’s community legal clinic Downtown Legal 服务. This program provides pro bono representation on criminal trials and appeals. 克里斯汀 has also acted as pro bono counsel to the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association.

克里斯汀 is an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall 法学院, where she teaches Evidence in the Common Law LLM program. 克里斯汀 has presented at continuing professional development sessions run by the Law Society of Ontario and the Canadian Bar Association.

Prior to joining 麦卡锡·特劳特, 克里斯汀 was a consultant for a defence team at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in The Hague and worked in Judges’ Chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

克里斯汀 received her JD from the University of 多伦多 and participated in an exchange to the University of Amsterdam. While in law school, she was an active member of the competitive mooting program, winning Top Oralist at the 2011 Cassels Brock Cup and the second place team award at the 2012 Gale Cup Moot. She also competed in five debating World Championships. 克里斯汀 received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Distinction in Political Studies from Queen's University. At Queen's, she was a Loran Scholar and a recipient of the Chancellor's Scholarship.

克里斯汀 is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association, the Advocates’ Society, the Criminal 律师’ Association and the Women’s White Collar Defense Association.


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