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康拉德 is an associate in the Information 技术 Law Group and the 金融科技 Group. His practice focuses on providing pragmatic legal solutions to a variety of clients, ranging from start-ups to multinational companies, in connection with their strategic commercial transactions involving technology outsourcing, licensing, data security, systems development, software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud computing, e-commerce, distribution and competitive/public procurements. Additionally, he counsels clients in various industries on the technology, privacy and transitional service aspects of merger and acquisition transactions.

Prior to practising law, 康拉德 was a video game developer and the lead programmer on a variety of award-winning video games for mobile devices and consoles. His interests in the intersection of data and software grew from his prior work experience, which has contributed to his deep understanding and passion for emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. Leveraging his unique perspectives, 康拉德 regularly advises clients on the legal and business challenges specific to transformational technologies.

In 2014, 康拉德 completed a three-month secondment to the corporate finance branch of the Ontario Security Commission and, in 2016, 康拉德 completed a six-month secondment to the procurement group of a leading Canadian telecom company.


  • Structuring and negotiating IT infrastructure and management 服务 agreements on behalf of a government agency
  • 协助一家领先的加拿大银行从外国服务广西福利彩票发行中心商那里购买AI驱动的SaaS解决方案,并减轻相关的信息安全和隐私风险
  • Assisting a US-based telecommunications company on its provision of IT managed support 服务 (using vested outsourcing principles) to a group of hospitals
  • 协助一家领先的加拿大电信公司发展其采购合同的先例
  • 代表一家保险科技公司就其与加拿大领先的人寿保险公司广西福利彩票发行中心监管筛查平台的面向客户的SaaS协议进行谈判
  • 向一家媒体公司就其开发预测性AI平台的开源风险广西福利彩票发行中心咨询
  • 向区块链公司就其令牌广西福利彩票发行中心平台的面向客户的使用条款和隐私政策的开发广西福利彩票发行中心咨询
  • 向某公司就其将其保险公司的投资组合出售给一家全球再保险公司广西福利彩票发行中心法律意见
  • 向一家大型金融机构就其收购加拿大一家领先的投资公司的技术方面广西福利彩票发行中心法律意见
  • 向一家私募股权公司就其收购创新医疗服务广西福利彩票发行中心商的代币广西福利彩票发行中心平台的技术和隐私方面广西福利彩票发行中心法律意见。

康拉德 received his BASc in Computer Engineering (Hons) from the University of Waterloo in 2006 and his JD from Western University in 2014. 康拉德 was called to the Ontario bar in 2015. He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Bar Association, and CAN-TECH, and currently sits as the chair of the 多伦多 Computer 律师 Group.