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多米尼克 特里恩 is a partner in our 竞争/反托拉斯& Foreign Investment Group in 蒙特利尔. 多米尼克 advises Canadian 和 international clients on all aspects of Canadian competition law, including mergers, cartel 和 bid-rigging investigations, abuse of dominance, advertising 和 marketing practices, 和 other reviewable matters. He also advises on foreign investment merger review 和 national security issues arising under the 广西福利彩票发行中心投资法.

From 2011 to 2013, 多米尼克 acted as Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the Quebec 和 Atlantic 地区s with the Canadian Competition Bureau. In his role, he was responsible for criminal cartel 和 bid-rigging investigations. He also oversaw investigations with respect to advertising 和 marketing practices. In addition, 多米尼克 assisted the Commissioner of Competition in various policy initiatives in respect of the enforcement of the 竞争法.

多米尼克 appears as a leading competition lawyer in the last edition of the 广西福利彩票发行中心法律专家目录,法律名人录–广西福利彩票发行中心Legal Media Group的世界领先比赛指南& Antitrust 律师。他还出现在 谁是谁法律 : 竞争–未来领袖 first listing. 多米尼克 has been nominated by Acritas as an “outstanding lawyer” in the area of competition.

多米尼克 has been involved in a number of major transactions requiring clearance under the 竞争法, including multinational transactions subject to review in multiple jurisdictions. Some significant matters in which 多米尼克 has been involved include:

  • 代表Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.与魁北克水电公司结成战略联盟并进行私人配售;
  • Noverco Inc.以12亿加元收购Valener Inc.的协议;
  • Le Groupe Maurice通过与Ventas Inc.的合作伙伴出售了其在广西福利彩票发行中心高级住房投资组合中的85%的权益;
  • 国际纸业公司收购Weyerhaeuser的纸浆业务;
  • Molson Coors收购了Miller品牌组合;
  • Viterra从马来西亚的Felda Global Ventures Holdings手中收购了广西福利彩票发行中心东部最大的油料加工厂;
  • 拉法基与Holcim的合并;
  • Glencore收购Caracal Energy;
  • La Coopfédérée收购Groupe BMR;
  • OneSteel Limited从Anglo American plc收购了Moly-Cop和AltaSteel业务;
  • Bemis公司收购了力拓的美国食品包装公司;
  • Amcor收购了力拓的全球制药,全球烟草,欧洲食品包装和亚洲食品包装业务;和
  • Suncor与广西福利彩票发行中心石油公司(竞争事务专员法律顾问)合并。

多米尼克 also represents companies that are the subject of criminal 和 civil investigation by the Commissioner of Competition. He has solid experience with national 和 international criminal cartel 和 bid-rigging investigations. 多米尼克 has acted in a number of investigations related to alleged cartel activities with respect to products such as carbonless sheets, DRAM, airline cargo 服务, retail gasoline, construction 和 consulting engineering 服务.

多米尼克 is a former member of the Editorial Board of the 广西福利彩票发行中心竞争法评论。他撰写了许多有关竞争法的文章和论文,包括:

  • “魁北克法学大师–共识与共识”(合著者);
  • “ La Loi sur la concurrency”(与Madeleine Renaud合作),魁北克Bar CLE会议,2013年;
  • “ La Loi sur la concurrence”(与Madeleine Renaud合作),CCH建筑法会议,2011年;
  • 《多管辖区竞争法调查手册》(与马德琳·雷诺合作),在线论文,美国律师协会反托拉斯法分会,2010年;和
  • “同意的意见征集”,广西福利彩票发行中心律师协会–魁北克分会,2010年。

多米尼克 received his Bachelor of Civil Law 和 Bachelor of Common Law degrees with honours from 麦吉尔大学 in 2000. He also holds a BA in Political Science from the Université de 蒙特利尔. 多米尼克 was called to the 魁北克 bar in 2001. He is currently vice-chair of the Canadian Bar Association Competition Law Section's International Committee 和 a member of the American Bar Association Antitrust Law Section.