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纽约, USA, 2009

伊莎贝拉(Isabelle 旺德特) is a partner in our Litigation Group in 蒙特利尔. Her practice focuses on corporate commercial litigation and civil litigation, as well as on internal investigation. She regularly pleads before the Superior Court, the Court of Appeal as well as administrative tribunals.

Her principal areas of expertise are class actions, investigations, injunctions, banking litigation, franchise litigation and contract disputes. She has counseled and represented financial institutions, telecommunication companies and manufacturers in complex cases and high-profile class actions. 伊莎贝尔 has led litigation files in various fields, including consumer law, unfair competition, banking law, professional liability, false or misleading advertising.

The following are examples of cases in which 伊莎贝尔 has been involved:

  • 在集体广西福利彩票发行中心中为经营在线支付系统的辩护公司指控与外汇兑换有关的违规行为和违反 消费者保护法
  • 在与抵押贷款再融资有关的公证人广西福利彩票发行中心中为产权保险公司辩护;
  • 在挑战信用卡惯例的集体广西福利彩票发行中心中为高级法院和上诉法院的几家金融机构辩护;
  • 在数据泄露的情况下进行内部调查;
  • 在集体广西福利彩票发行中心中为金融机构辩护,指控他们在分配本金担保票据时存在误导性陈述;
  • 在高等法院和上诉法院审理涉及其分销商的商业纠纷中的一家电信公司;
  • 在与电力传输项目有关的禁令中为电力供应商辩护;
  • 代表电信公司处理与虚假或误导性广告有关的禁令;
  • 在涉及资金不足费用的集体广西福利彩票发行中心中为金融机构辩护,并指控其违反了 消费者保护法;
  • 代表公司与加拿大卫生部,法律保护办公室和竞争局等监管机构进行讨论;
  • 代表高级法院商业分庭的破产受托人进行指控不法行为的广西福利彩票发行中心和针对第三方的广西福利彩票发行中心;
  • 在知识产权案件中代表金融机构并获得针对对方的保护令;
  • 在与银行法有关的禁令中代表金融机构;
  • 代表运输公司进行商业仲裁;
  • 在高等法院和上诉法院针对分销商提起的广西福利彩票发行中心中为石油和天然气公司辩护;
  • 代表一家租赁公司在针对供应商的商业广西福利彩票发行中心中
  • 在集体广西福利彩票发行中心中为美国金融机构辩护,指控其在续期存单的过程中存在欺诈行为;和
  • 在雷曼兄弟破产案中代表一家美国金融机构。

伊莎贝尔 completed a secondment as senior counsel at a financial institution. Prior to joining 麦卡锡·特劳特, 伊莎贝尔 practised commercial litigation at a leading international law firm in Boston. She also served as a law clerk to the Honourable Justice Jean-Louis Baudouin at the 魁北克 Court of Appeal.

伊莎贝尔 is a regular speaker at conferences, where she presents on topics such as class actions, consumer law and presumptions. 伊莎贝尔 has co-authored articles on injunctions (Jurisclasseur) and arbitration (2013). She is also a contributing author to the fifth edition of Defending 集体广西福利彩票发行中心 in Canada, published by LexisNexis. 伊莎贝尔 在魁北克律师学院教授民事责任。她是公司招聘委员会的成员。 

伊莎贝尔 is a member of 魁北克 bar, Massachusetts bar and 纽约 State bar. She received a Bachelor of Laws from the University of 蒙特利尔, a master’s degree in European and comparative law with distinction from the 牛津大学, and an LLM in American Law from 波士顿大学.