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Practical, creative and business-minded, 乔塞琳 is devoted to finding effective solutions to clients' legal and financial issues.

乔塞琳 is a partner in our 破产&蒙特利尔的重组组。他被认为是具有实践意识和业务导向的专业人士,具有创新的法律思想,他的执业重点在于破产和重组事务的各个方面,包括战略咨询,谈判,交易达成和在法院面前进行辩护。

乔塞琳 acts for all types of stakeholders involved in insolvency and restructuring matters, including debtors, secured creditors, monitors, trustees, receivers, investors, purchasers and groups of creditors. He is involved at all stages: advising clients to mitigate risks and consequences of a potential insolvency, crafting solutions to complete informal workouts, assisting clients involved in formal insolvency proceedings, negotiating transactions and ligating contentious matters.

乔塞琳 曾参与重大破产事务,包括以下事务:

  • 洪堡投资公司(Homburg Invest),一家房地产公司,拥有28亿美元的债务,在提交申请时有9000多名债权人(代表监测员);
  • Stornoway Diamond,一家拥有钻石矿的前上市公司(代表魁北克投资局,该高级债权人参与了该矿的收购);
  • 媒体集团Groupe CapitalesMédias,在魁北克省和安大略省拥有六家报纸(代表班长);
  • 魁北克省的一家大型建筑集团BétonBrunet(代表债务人参加涉及800名债权人的快速CCAA诉讼);
  • 曾经在蒙特利尔经营“Téo出租车”和其他出租车公司的Taxelco Group(代表监测员);
  • Hexagone,魁北克省的一个主要建筑集团(代表法院任命的150个分包商的代表);
  • 布鲁姆湖,一个主要铁矿石矿的所有者(代表魁北克铁矿石公司的子公司魁北克铁矿石,该公司收购了布鲁姆湖矿);
  • SM Group,一家在魁北克拥有700名员工的工程公司(代表有担保债权人作为牵头诉讼的CCAA申请人);
  • Bluberi(代表高级法院,上诉法院和加拿大最高法院的一群债权人);
  • 代表法国魁北克凯斯大律师事务所处理其于2016年以15亿美元收购庞巴迪运输集团在英国新成立的控股公司的可转换股票投资;
  • 加拿大银行家协会,作为其在加拿大最高法院干预下的一部分 卡利迪斯诉女王 (2018)。

In addition to pleading frequently at the Superior Court of Quebec, sometimes at the Court of Appeal of Quebec, and once at the Supreme Court of Canada, 乔塞琳 has pleaded at the 讷韦尔商业法庭 (as part of a French insolvency proceeding), the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal and Supreme Court (trial division) and the Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick. 乔塞琳 has also been involved as the lead lawyer for a receiver in a meditation in Zurich, Switzerland. He also has been involved in special mandates for the World Bank, including the preparation of reports on the insolvency regimes and creditors' rights regimes in Haiti, Burkina Faso and the member states of the Organisation pour l'Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires (OHADA).

In 2019, 乔塞琳 was admitted as a member of the Insolvency Institute of Canada, Canada's premiere private sector insolvency organization which draws members from the most senior and experienced Canadian insolvency professionals. 乔塞琳 is also a member of the executive of the Quebec insolvency division of the Canadian Bar Association.

乔塞琳 also holds a chartered professional accountant (CPA) designation, and his accounting and business background is appreciated by clients.

乔塞琳 has been a course lecturer at the Desautels Faculty of Management of 麦吉尔大学 since 2002. He is the co-author of the bankruptcy and restructuring volume of the Collection de droit de l'École du Barreau du 魁北克, and has published numerous articles and given multiple presentations on subjects related to insolvency and restructuring. 

乔塞琳 is a devoted father of three children. He is greatly involved in coaching minor hockey and takes pride in developing children of various backgrounds in such role. He played for the varsity hockey team in his years at 麦吉尔大学 and also played professional hockey in France.

乔塞琳 obtained both his B. Com.(honours in accounting) (2002) and his B.C.L./LL.B. (2006) from 麦吉尔大学.