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克里 brings extensive industry expertise in oil and gas to help clients achieve long-term success

克里·霍华德 is a partner in the Business Law Group in 卡尔加里 and is co-head of our national 油&燃气集团。她的执业重点是加拿大能源和电力部门的公司/商业事务,尤其是石油领域& gas industry.

克里 advises clients on mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property licensing, structured finance and derivative transactions, and securities matters. She has profound experience in M&A and disposition transactions (including asset exchange transactions), joint venture and partnership arrangements, and corporate reorganizations and restructurings. In addition to conventional upstream and midstream oil and gas arrangements, 克里 also advises on the development of clean-energy and other power projects, such as gas, wind, solar and hydro-electric.

克里’s work in the energy sector includes advising on gas and power supply arrangements, 服务 agreements, natural gas storage and processing arrangements, petroleum and natural gas lease arrangements (including title review), participation agreements, farm-in and farm-out agreements, royalty agreements, joint operating agreements and conventional upstream and midstream facility agreements. Further, 克里 has significant experience in drafting and negotiating data, software and analytics licensing arrangements, 服务 agreements and joint development agreements, particularly in the energy technology space.

克里 also has significant experience in structured finance transactions, including the negotiation and drafting of physical and financial commodity (gas, oil, power, coal) interest rate and foreign exchange derivative agreements (ISDA, NAESB, GasEDI), and related credit support arrangements, as well as advising on other structured finance-related matters. 克里 is a current member of the 衍生品 Advisory Committee of the Alberta Securities Commission, advising on policy matters and regulation in respect of derivatives transactions.

克里’s profound experience in transactions, projects and regulatory issues makes her a trusted advisor to both local and international clients. She provides counsel to major corporations during transactions involving both Canadian and international entities and assets, and has advised a number of U.S. and other foreign clients on Canadian-specific regulatory, documentary and other legal matters associated with derivatives arrangements. She brings a strong understanding of the legal and regulatory environment for energy exploration and development in Canada, allowing clients to enter the Canadian market and perform cross-border transactions with confidence.

克里 received her B.Com from the 维多利亚大学 in 2000, and her LLB from University of 卡尔加里 in 2004. She is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the 卡尔加里 Bar Association, and the Law Society of Alberta.


  • 出光加拿大公司(Idemitsu Canada Corporation)与AltaGas Ltd.的合资企业的法律顾问,以在加拿大勘探和开发LNG和LPG机会,以及该合资企业以7.15亿加元收购Petrogas 能源Corp.的剩余权益并对该合资企业进行相应的重组
  • 代表RS能源集团(由Enverus从Warburg Pincus手中收购)担任RS 能源Group的加拿大首席法律顾问(普通顾问)
  • 代表石油和天然气中游公司处理多项收购和资产剥离交易以及天然气处理和存储安排
  • 代表多家石油和天然气生产商出售特许权使用费
  • Counsel to TORC 油&Gas Ltd.以4.3亿美元从Surge 能源Inc.收购SE萨斯喀彻温省和曼尼托巴省的油气资产
  • Counsel to Perpetual 能源Inc. in its asset disposition to Tourmaline 油Corp. for $256.5 million
  • 代表两家韩国私募股权基金与Harvest Operating Corp成立6.5亿美元的合资企业。
  • Member of the team acting for TORC 油&Gas Ltd.以5.1亿加元收购萨斯喀彻温省东南部低跌幅,高净值,轻油生产资产的交易
  • 代表Surge 能源Inc.处理萨斯喀彻温省的许多油气资产收购
  • 代表Tokai Carbon收购与艾伯塔省梅迪辛哈特的炭黑设施相关的废热回收装置
  • Acts for a number of clients in the drafting and negotiation of data, software and analytics licensing and 服务 agreements
  • 就加拿大衍生品交易的监管环境向众多客户提供咨询
  • 在有关ISDA主协议和相关信贷支持附件以及有关商品,利率和货币掉期交易的确认的谈判中,为许多能源生产商提供法律服务
  • 代表多家能源生产商就GasEDI和NAESB实物商品交易协议进行谈判

Member, Canadian Bar Association, Member, Law Society of Alberta, Member, 卡尔加里 Bar Association, Member, Canadian 能源Law Foundation, Member, Petroleum Acquisitions &撤离协会