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马修 is leading the revolution to rethink and reinvent the way law firms can better serve their clients

Through significant conversations with clients, and exploring and listening to their challenges, 马修 is identifying the ideas, technology and processes that are bringing law firms and the provision of legal 服务 into the future. This includes optimizing service deliverability, creating transparency and predictability in fees and leveraging new forms of technology to facilitate those 服务. 马修’s unique role in the industry has been and continues to be a catalyst in helping 麦卡锡·特劳特 enhance our response to evolving client needs.

" He understands that when we seek legal support we’re looking for someone who can help us reach a business goal. 马修 has really been exceptional to work with. "

马修’s role encompasses responsibility for the firm’s market strategy and approach to client service. He leads the firm’s cutting edge initiatives around innovation, new lines of business, client service, pricing and service delivery, as well as the firm’s client satisfaction measurement program. 


马修 is also a partner in the firm’s exceptionally well-regarded National 技术 Group. He leads market changing commercial deals for some of our most strategic clients. His recent mandates include:

  • 在许多大型业务流程外包中担任首席法律顾问和谈判者,其中之一是加拿大市场上最大的外包业务;
  • 复杂的许可和联盟安排;和
  • 复杂的商业电信交易。
" Their lead – 马修 彼得斯 – is a very good negotiator, and very good at understanding the business objectives and providing a practical approach. He’s got a great style. "

As a driver of change in the firm and legal industry, 马修 is a sought-after speaker and presenter. He can be found sharing ideas with the global legal community, presenting on an array of topics like the future of the legal profession, re-engineering legal 服务 and technology in the legal industry.

马修 obtained his LLB in 1994 from the 维多利亚大学.