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With a range of successes across sectors that shape the economy, 米兰达’s impeccable instincts for advocacy change outcomes.

米兰达 resolves complex disputes and is a highly regarded trusted business advisor to private and public enterprises. A partner in our Litigation Group, she is also the 零售Sector Lead in the firm’s national 零售and Consumer Markets Group, and a core member of our Mining and 技术 Groups. A skilled litigator, she is recognized for her strategic thinking and business-oriented problem-solving approach to all disputes. 米兰达 is also the chair of the firm’s National Gender Equality Action Group, as part of our Inclusion Now priority.


米兰达’s practice focuses on contractual claims, economic torts, securities litigation, shareholder remedies, corporate governance, internal investigations, as well as internet and e-commerce issues and defamation. 米兰达 also has extensive experience working with retailers and consumer-facing businesses on consumer protection, supply chain and related strategic and operational issues. 她还为业主和支持者提供了许多采购任务的建议。  米兰达 looks at problems holistically to 地址 not only the dispute and but also, where possible, the underlying issues.

Across industries, 米兰达 combines her business acumen with finely honed advocacy experience to achieve courtroom success for our clients. She has appeared as counsel in the Supreme Court of Canada as well as the superior and appeal courts of British Columbia and Ontario, and the Yukon Supreme Court. She has also represented clients in various commercial arbitration proceedings and class action proceedings.

" 米兰达 immersed herself in, and absorbed immense amounts of information about, our business, operations and people. She then used that insight to help us design and execute on an extremely effective, and ultimately very successful, litigation strategy. "


  • 成功地执行了对一家价值数百万美元的企业的股东买断交易,并克服了对多方仲裁的侵权干预的主张;
  • 在拟议的证券集体诉讼中成功地为安大略省上诉法院提供了辩护,该诉讼是由空头人发布关于公司的匿名博客所称的股东所蒙受的损失所致,在这一领域建立了重要的先例;
  • 代表各种公司,发行人,股东和董事会处理各种股东诉讼,包括派生诉讼,异议诉讼,安排计划和压迫索赔;
  • 成功解决领先制药公司与其前雇员之间因违反信任和滥用商业秘密而提出的索赔;
  • 代表音乐业和其他权利持有人成功地在BC省上诉法院和加拿大最高法院进行了干预。 谷歌 马术,这是世界上第一个命令搜索引擎从其全球搜索结果中对某些销售假冒产品的网站进行索引的案例;
  • 获得对全球最大的在线流媒体平台之一的重大破坏者的禁令救济;
  • 结束涉及董事不当行为的内部调查,并协助提高主要组织的董事会效率;和
  • 向多家大型零售商和面向消费者的企业提供有关各种战略和运营问题的咨询,从诉讼的成功辩护到消费者保护再到防止损失。

米兰达 is recognized as a Leading Lawyer in the area of General Commercial Litigation in independent publications such as 钱伯斯加拿大加拿大最好的律师Benchmark Canada:加拿大领先的诉讼公司的权威指南& Attorneys。她也排名 钱伯斯加拿大 as a noted practitioner in retail. In 2019, market research firm Acritas identified 米兰达 as a “Stand-out Lawyer”. In 2018, she was 名称d to 温哥华 Magazine的全市最具影响力人物50强名单。她被Lexpert(2017)评为40岁以下领先律师,被美国国家亚太律师协会(2015)评为“ 40岁以下最佳40岁”律师,并获得2014年金融界女性协会奖“新星奖”。 2013年,她被公认为 Business in 温哥华是“ 40岁以下40岁以下”。

米兰达 is a frequent speaker on shareholder disputes, investigations, securities class action issues, and dispute resolution processes, as well as diversity and inclusion. 她曾在不列颠哥伦比亚省的持续法律教育学会,董事学院和律师协会任教,并在不列颠哥伦比亚大学阿拉德法学院担任公司法课题的兼职教授。

米兰达 obtained her LLB from the 不列颠哥伦比亚大学 in 2002, and served as a judicial law clerk for five justices of the British Columbia Supreme Court following graduation. On graduation, 米兰达 received the Honourable Ray Herbert Award as the All-round Graduating Student and the Alumni Association Achievement Award as Outstanding Student of the Year. In 2007, she received the 不列颠哥伦比亚大学’s Faculty of Law’s Outstanding Young Alumna Award, and in 2001, she was 名称d YWCA Young Woman of Distinction.

Outside of the courtroom, 米兰达 is the Past Chair of the Board of Directors at the 温哥华 Foundation, the largest community foundation in Canada.