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莫妮克 is an 关联 in our 劳动& 就业机会 Group. 莫妮克 has appeared as counsel in various forums, including at mediations, arbitrations, settlement conferences and before the Provincial, Supreme and Appellate Courts of British Columbia.

Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the constant evolution of the modern workplace, 莫妮克 provides strategic counsel to her clients on a range of labour, employment, and human rights matters.


  • 就各种人力资源和劳资关系问题向雇主提供建议,包括雇员残疾和住宿,出勤管理,采取行动避免人权风险和责任,雇员雇用,裁员和解雇以及人力资源实践;
  • 起草和审查雇用,咨询和独立承包商协议,包括限制性契约;
  • 起草和审查员工和工作场所政策,手册以及其他与就业有关的文件;
  • 就公司合并,收购和重组中的劳工和就业问题提供咨询;
  • 就劳资关系程序向雇主提供建议,包括集体协议解释,外包纠纷,政策申诉,工作分配纠纷,员工纪律和解雇事宜,不公平的劳工惯例指控,集体谈判,罢工,纠察和替代工人问题;
  • 在与雇主有关的诉讼中为雇主提供辩护,包括不当解雇,雇佣标准,劳工标准和离职员工事务;
  • defending companies, municipalities and other organizations against human rights complaints, including in the areas of employment and provision of 服务 customarily available to the public;
  • 为管理人员和员工准备并提供培训,例如管理最佳实践培训以及欺凌和骚扰培训。

莫妮克 currently serves as an executive member of the BC 人权 section of the Canadian Bar Association and is a former member of the Board of Directors of the 温哥华 Bar Association. In her spare time, 莫妮克 serves as Co-Chair of the Professional Women's Network. The PWN is a 温哥华-based organization with over 1600 members. The PWN's aim is to raise the stature of women in business through education, networking, and opportunities for business and career development.

莫妮克 received her BA (2005, Honours) from Huron University College at the University of Western Ontario, and her LLB (2010) from Dalhousie 法学院. After graduating law school, she served as a judicial law clerk with the Supreme Court of British Columbia.