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被称为行业领导者,具有广泛的 public-private partnership and infrastructure experience, 摩根 is sought after for his ability to consistently deliver effective results.

摩根 is a partner in the Business Law Group in 温哥华. Recognized as a strong presence in the public-private partnership, infrastructure and renewable energy spaces, his practice is primarily focused in the areas of project finance, project development and corporate commercial law.

摩根 represents a wide variety of clients, including lenders and borrowers, on secured and unsecured credit facilities, project finance agreements and the development of projects. Clients value his technical capabilities, breadth of knowledge, and unmatched attention to detail which he leverages to coordinate multiple stakeholders with competing interests and close complex transactions quickly and efficiently.

" ... 无论是在商业方面还是在财务方面都非常强大,对整个流程和项目都有很好的掌握,并且从技术上讲,他的交付能力非常出色。 "

As a member of 麦卡锡·特劳特’s National 基础设施 Group, 摩根 is positioned at the industry’s leading edge, enabling him to provide innovative and insightful advice to domestic and international developers, equity sponsors, lenders and other participants in connection with complex infrastructure projects across North America. Some of his recent transactions include:

  • 为高铁扩展走廊上工程项目提供建议;
  • 为百老汇地铁项目的提议者提供建议;
  • 为贷款人提供建议,支持Sutherlands 104高速公路进行Antigonish Twinning项目;
  • 向贷款人提供成功支持401高速公路扩建项目的建议;
  • 向贷款人就Tłı̨chǫ全季节道路项目的成功支持者提供咨询;
  • 为贷款人就高迪·豪国际桥梁项目的成功支持者提供咨询;
  • 为芬奇西部轻轨项目的成功支持者提供咨询;
  • 为区域高速铁路–米尔顿走廊项目的支持者提供建议;
  • 向贷款人提供区域快速铁路-卢瑟福车站项目成功支持者的建议;
  • 向贷款人提供区域快速铁路-吉卜林巴士总站项目成功支持者的建议;
  • 为贷款人就迈克尔·加隆(Michael Garron)第一阶段新患者护理塔项目的成功支持者提供咨询;
  • 向贷款人提供有关布罗克维尔总医院重建项目成功支持者的建议;
  • 为温尼伯西南公交第二阶段项目的支持者提供建议;
  • 为贷款人提供圣劳伦斯走廊新桥项目的支持者;
  • 向下一代肯塔基州信息高速公路项目的设计建造者和服务提供商提供建议;
  • 为贷款人提供关于艾米丽·卡尔艺术大学成功支持者的建议&设计校园重建项目;
  • 为Mackenzie Valley光纤链路项目的成功支持者提供咨询;和
  • 为卑诗省儿童和卑诗省妇女重建项目第二阶段的成功支持者提供建议

摩根 also regularly represents developers and lenders in developing and financing renewable energy projects, and is a recognized leader in the renewable energy space in British Columbia and across Canada. Recent renewable energy transactions include:

  • 为开发商就不列颠哥伦比亚省哈里森湖附近的27兆瓦水电项目投资组合完成1.97亿加元的债务融资提供咨询;
  • 为开发商就不列颠哥伦比亚省霍普附近的一个12兆瓦水电项目完成2460万加元的债务融资提供咨询;
  • 为开发商就不列颠哥伦比亚省彭伯顿附近的一个81.4兆瓦水电项目投资组合完成4.916亿美元的债务融资提供咨询;
  • 为开发商提供咨询服务,为阿尔伯塔省布鲁克斯附近的一个17兆瓦太阳能项目完成项目债务融资;和
  • 在安省六个太阳能项目的投资组合的2.32亿加元私募融资中为债券持有人提供咨询。

摩根 obtained a BSc in Computing Science, with distinction, from the University of Alberta in 2002 and an LLB from the 不列颠哥伦比亚大学 in 2007. He was called to the British Columbia bar in 2008 and the Ontario bar in 2018.