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尼基 has a track record of achieving superior results in the non-profit justice sector.

As 首席包容官, 尼基’s role is to integrate and formalize 麦卡锡·特劳特’s national policies, programs, and initiatives related to diversity, inclusion, pro bono and community impact. She has been an advocate for social change for 25 years, and is a recognized leader in diversity and inclusion initiatives and pro bono programming. Her reputation for excellence includes 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 nominations as a top legal “Changemaker” by 加拿大律师.

尼基’s role, combining equity and social responsibility into one portfolio, is a first of its kind for the Canadian legal industry. Knitting together these values, 尼基 focuses on ensuring that the firm’s diversity and social impact goals are aligned and met. In executing these initiatives, 尼基 effectively engages with our people, connects with clients and the community, and expertly drives overall innovation and growth at the firm.

在加入McCarthyTétrault之前,Nikki是加拿大公益性学生协会的国家主任。在她的领导下,PBSC赢得了无数奖项和荣誉,并成为加拿大法律教育体验学习的领导者,并为低收入个人和非营利组织提供免费服务。 尼基在设计服务于边缘化加拿大人的计划方面的专长包括在影响妇女,生活在贫困中的人们,处于危险中的青年,土著人民和LGBTQ社区成员的问题上的经验。

尼基 is a former member of the Advisory Board of the Lexpert Zenith 获奖情况 and the Law Society of Ontario’s Equity Advisory Group, which provides advice to Benchers on equity and diversity issues affecting diverse communities in the legal profession. 

A sought-after expert on topics related to social justice and diversity, 尼基 has written for the Globe and Mail, the 多伦多 Star, the Ottawa Citizen, the Huffington Post, and Law Times. She also regularly speaks at professional conferences and has delivered dozens of presentations, workshops and keynote speeches nationally and internationally.

在PBSC进行的为期一年的研究休假期间,Nikki研究并撰写了有关有限范围的聘用人员的信息,以作为增加中低收入加拿大人诉诸司法的工具。 尼基与温莎大学法学院以及家庭酒吧和长凳的高级领导人员合作,开发了一种新的有限范围服务模式,称为“法律辅导”,并在法律专业领域为这种实践模式提供了支持,并创建了五种为有兴趣学习如何安全,有效和盈利地提供教练服务的律师提供的全日制课程。

尼基 is a member of the Law Society of Ontario. She earned her B.A. (Hons.) (summa cum laude) from York University, an M.A. from New School University in 纽约 City (where she was a Fulbright Fellow), and her LL.B. from the University of 多伦多. After graduating law school with multiple awards and honours, 尼基 clerked at the Ontario Court of Appeal, practiced family law at Epstein Cole LLP, and served as Executive Director of the Faculty of Law at the University of 多伦多.