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奥立佛 博格斯 is a partner in our 竞争/反托拉斯& Foreign Investment Group in 多伦多. 奥立佛 focuses on antitrust law, foreign investment review, national security review 和 mergers 和 acquisitions. From 1994 to 1997, he managed the firm’s 英国伦敦 office.

奥立佛 is recognized as a leading competition lawyer in the most recent editions of 《钱伯斯环球》, 钱伯斯加拿大, 法律名人录:加拿大国际商业律师名人录国际竞争律师名人录& Economists (竞争法评论),PLC 哪位律师, 竞争Law Handbook (PLC), Legal Media Group的《世界领先竞争与反托拉斯律师指南》, 法律500强-加拿大,加拿大最佳律师 – 竞争/反托拉斯and the 加拿大法律专家目录.

奥立佛 is also ranked Band 1 in 《钱伯斯环球》 前加拿大投资局(外国投资审查)类别。

His practice centres on the application of competition laws to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, pre-merger notifications 和 market conduct. 奥立佛 led the team that obtained 竞争Act加拿大投资法 clearance for Canada’s largest transaction to date (Rio Tinto acquisition of Alcan). He also secured antitrust clearance for the largest merger by a Canadian company (Enbridge acquisition of Spectra Energy). 奥立佛 regularly provides strategic advice to major national 和 international companies 和 state-owned enterprises on pre-merger clearance matters in a variety of industries 和 has extensive experience in various marketing 和 pricing practices, market restrictions, exclusive dealing 和 a host of other compliance, civil 和 criminal issues that arise out of antitrust law. He is also a specialist in foreign investment merger review 和 national security issues arising under such statutes as the 加拿大投资法 并与工业部和加拿大遗产部就投资事宜进行了广泛的往来。

奥立佛 teaches competition 和 foreign investment law at the Faculty of Law, Western University (London). He is an Executive Member of the National 竞争Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), as well as founder 和 past chair of the section’s 外国投资评论 Committee, 和 past chair of the section’s Merger Committee. He is also a member of the American 和 International Bar Associations 和 Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht (German Antitrust Law Association). He is also a founding director of the Canadian-German 律师 Association.

他定期向加拿大和国外的听众和媒体发表有关竞争法,外国投资和兼并相关话题的演讲。编委 竞争全球指南:合并控制竞争全球指南:限制贸易和主导地位 (实用法律公司的出版物)。他还是当前版本的特约编辑 外国投资评论,法律业务研究。

奥立佛 speaks English, French, German 和 some Spanish 和 is qualified as an English solicitor. He received his BA (Philosophy) from the University of 多伦多, his LLB from the 渥太华大学 和 his LLM from the University of 多伦多. He is called to the Ontario bar 和 is a member of the Law Society of England 和 Wales.


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