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Co-head, National 资本市场 Practice


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With an innovative approach and strong record of success, 帕特里克 is recognized as a leader in sophisticated securities, mergers &收购和公司法事务。

帕特里克 is a partner in the Business Law Group in 蒙特利尔 and co-head of the firm's National 资本市场 Practice. Known for his business acumen and ability to provide practical solutions to complex issues, 帕特里克’s practice is primarily focused in the areas of securities, capital markets, public and private mergers &收购和公司法,重点是私募股权,养老基金和金融机构。

" 心胸开阔,乐于寻找创新的解决方案,并以他所拥有的知识为基础。 "

帕特里克 has acted as counsel to issuers and underwriters in various public offerings (including initial public offerings) and private placements of publicly listed issuers. He has also participated in numerous take-over bids and going-private transactions of publicly listed issuers, and has acted as counsel to independent committees in connection with various transactions. 帕特里克’s deep understanding of current market conditions and commitment to understanding our clients’ business allows him to provide a tailored approach to best manage risk and maximize outcome.

" 遇到困难时,技术知识,优质的服务和有效的指导。 "

视图ed by clients as being eminently practical and valued for his availability and responsiveness, 帕特里克 has played a key role in significant M&涉及上市公司和私有公司的交易,包括许多跨境交易。他最近的一些工作包括:

  • Noverco Inc.以11.2亿加元收购Valener Inc.的所有已发行和流通在外的普通股以及Valener的所有已发行和流通在外的累积利率重置优先股;
  • 魁北克凯斯旅行社(CDPQ)与阿尔斯通达成协议,将其在庞巴迪运输公司的现有投资转换为阿尔斯通的股份;
  • 代表法国魁北克凯撒大酒店(CDPQ)从创始人GuyLaliberté手中收购太阳剧团的股份;
  • 代表加拿大交易商处理Garda World Security Corporation 1.25亿美元的8.75%高级票据的私募发行;
  • 加拿大国家银行以各种方式发行5年期重置优先优先股;
  • 加拿大国家银行在美国的12.5亿美元中期票据融资;
  • 代表加拿大国家银行处理其80亿美元的欧元票据计划及相关补充项目;
  • 代表加拿大国家银行处理其价值7.5亿加元的3.183%中期票据的发行;
  • 加拿大国家银行(National Bank of Canada)1.5亿美元的债务发行以及类似的区块链模拟项目;
  • 代表加拿大国家银行处理NBC Asset Trust赎回的Trust Capital Securities – Series 1;
  • 代表交易商(与安德鲁·帕克(Andrew Parker)共同领导)完成各种Intact Financial Corporation的发行,包括4.14亿美元的认购收据发行,3亿美元的优先股发行(5系列和6系列)和4.25亿美元的中期票据发行;
  • Saputo Inc. 3亿美元的中期票据发行和MTN 20亿美元计划的续约交易中的交易商;
  • 代表加拿大魁北克凯斯设计与发行有限公司处理与Stingray Digital Group Inc.进行的4,000万加元的私募认购收益;
  • 代表CGI Group Inc.收购FacilitéInformatique Canada Inc .;
  • 在Stars Group Inc.的某些普通股公开发行和第二次发行(9.5亿美元)中,为Stars Group Inc.的某些股东提供法律服务;
  • Transcontinental Inc. 2.875亿美元的承销商购买了认购收据的交易产品;
  • 代表Uni-Select Inc.以2.05亿英镑收购英国的The Parts Alliance;
  • Singer Equities,Inc.收购Connectall Limited;
  • 代表卖方Walter Financial Inc.,被ONCAP收购Walter Surface Technologies;
  • 代表Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.收购Alterra Power Corp .;和
  • 代表BCE Inc.收购AlarmForce 产业领域 Inc.。

帕特里克 regularly participates in mentorship opportunities and is a frequent contributor to industry publications. He is also a member of the Corporate Finance Advisory Committee of the Autorité des marchés financiers.

He is also the founder and a director of the 帕特里克·鲍彻 Family Foundation whose purpose include the relief of poverty, the promotion of health, the advancement of education, 地址ing and preventing specific problems faced by children and youth and the protection of environment.

帕特里克 obtained his BBA (Finance) from the École des hautes études commerciales of 蒙特利尔 in 1991. He successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course of the Canadian Securities Institute in 1992. He obtained his LLB from the 蒙特利尔大学 in 1994 and was called to the 魁北克 bar in 1996.