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With unmatched regulatory and environmental experience, 保罗 provides strategic and value-added advice for clients' projects, transactions and litigation matters

保罗 is a partner in our Business Law Group in 温哥华 and co-head of our National 环境,法规&原住民组。作为该领域最受尊敬的从业者之一,他对行业的深刻了解是无可比拟的。国际投资者通常会就在加拿大开展业务的监管环境征询他的意见。


保罗 is entrenched in corporate and commercial regulatory, litigation, policy and project development across North America. Serving as a senior policy and strategy advisor to high-profile companies nationwide, he is highly sought after for not only his legal but also business counsel in:

  • 提取自然资源(采矿,林产品和渔业);
  • 制造和运输;
  • 能源(常规,上游,管道,液化天然气和可再生能源);
  • 功率(发电/传输);
  • 海运和码头运输;和
  • 大麻和农业综合企业。
" 具有很多能量并且是自然力量的主导人物 "

保罗 proactively advises on environmental due diligence strategies as well as responses to environmental enforcement actions. Bolstering energy and mining projects through each stage of development, he is seasoned in securing operational permitting, structuring transmission/supply agreements, and preparing for environmental assessments. International LNG project proponents and investors rely on 保罗’s knowledge of greenhouse gas rules, emissions standards and carbon taxes in regulation/electricity generation, contaminated 现场, property acquisition and brownfield development matters. A selection of his experience includes:

  • 在开发阶段环境评估和运营许可中,代表并领导了几个主要的能源(常规和可再生)和采矿项目
  • 向大型能源公司就环境尽职调查策略提供咨询
  • 为大型采矿,制造,运输和其他公司就应对环境执法行动提供法律意见
  • 提供环境危机管理建议
  • 就公用事业监管事项/发电,输电和液化天然气供电协议提供咨询
  • 为受污染场地和棕地开发提供咨询
  • 为与液化天然气选址有关的房地产收购提供咨询,包括对不列颠哥伦比亚省潜在地点的深度尽职调查
  • 向项目支持者和投资者就潜在的液化天然气温室气体规则,排放标准和碳税提供法律咨询

保罗 has provided evidence on Canadian environmental law in U.S. legal proceedings and served as an independent witness to the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee of the House of Commons on the Environment. When environmental disasters strike, he is among the first called by the media, frequently publishing his insights in national newspapers.

" 杰出的个人 "

保罗 is a member of several community, business and professional organizations including as a current member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of the British Columbia Business Council, a past Director of the Society of Contaminated Sites Approved 专业人士 of British Columbia, and a past co-chair of the Canadian Environmental Law Forum. He has also served as a Director of the Association for Mineral Exploration B.C., the Ontario Forestry Association, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada - B.C. Region.


A certified mediator, 保罗 is a founding member of the Canadian Centre for Environmental Arbitration and Mediation. 保罗 received a Certificate in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor in 2006 and his JD from Osgoode Hall in 1982.