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孙燕姿 is a “go-to” tax advisor who assists clients in navigating complex tax issues and achieving their commercial objectives.

孙燕姿 is a partner in our Tax Group in 多伦多 and a member of the firm’s National Opinions Committee. She maintains an income tax planning practice, with a focus on the tax-related aspects of domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions (public and private), corporate reorganizations, real estate transactions and financings. She also frequently acts on tax structuring matters for Canadian pension plans, and advises on tax aspects of business operations.


  • 向OMERS就其同意以32.5亿加元收购407 International的10.01%的股份提供咨询;
  • advising CCMP Capital Advisors, LP in connection with its agreement to acquire BGIS, a leading integrated facilities management company, from Brookfield Business 伙伴s L.P. for approximately US$1 billion;
  • 向CCMP Capital Advisors,LP和Jamieson Wellness Inc.就Jamieson Wellness Inc.的3亿加元普通股的二次购买交易提供咨询;
  • 就分拆Loblaw在Choice Properties房地产投资信托中的61.6%的实际权益向Loblaw Companies Ltd.董事会特别委员会提供咨询;
  • advising Credit Suisse AG in the US$1.48-billion financing of 搜索 light Capital 伙伴s, L.P. in connection with its acquisition of Mitel Networks Corp.; and
  • advising Mill Road Capital in the sale of PRT Growing 服务 Ltd. to TriWest Capital 伙伴s.


" 孙燕姿 is my preferred legal tax advisor on all issues. She is engaged, thorough and her advice always captures the entire structure, including potential watch outs, "

孙燕姿 enjoys engaging with the tax community and sharing insights, perspectives and knowledge. She has appeared as a lecturer at numerous conferences, seminars and courses, and has written and commented widely on income tax matters generally. Her recent speaking engagements include lecturing for the Ontario Bar Association, and presenting at the PIAC Tax Forum, the Tax Executives Institute’s North American Conference and the Canadian Tax Foundation’s Annual Tax Conference.


孙燕姿 received her combined LLB/MBA (Gold Medalist) from 奥斯古德·霍尔法学院 and the Schulich School of Business in 2006, and her Hons. BA (Board of Governors Medalist) from the University of Windsor in 2002. She is the recipient of numerous awards for academic achievement, including the Allen S. Berg MBA/LLB Graduating Award of Excellence for the highest standing in the combined MBA/LLB program.


孙燕姿 has either authored or co-authored the following:

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