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With a storied record of success, 史蒂文 is a highly regarded litigator, recognized for his leading expertise in complex intellectual property matters

Head of the firm's National 知识产权 Litigation Group, 史蒂文 acts as lead counsel on some of the largest, most high profile intellectual property cases in Canada. His focus is on developing creative, client-focused strategies and solutions that help clients protect their interests and achieve their objectives.

" 使他与众不同的是他富有创造力的法律头脑。他一直在突破极限,而且非常执着。他富有侵略性,但经验丰富而优雅。史蒂夫(Steve)是我职业生涯中最好的律师。 "

As a litigator first and foremost, 史蒂文 is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer who brings an unconventional way of thinking to contentious IP matters. He is trusted by clients to resolve complicated patent, copyright, regulatory, and trade secrets disputes and respected for his litigation skills by peers of the IP Bar. 《钱伯斯加拿大》:加拿大领先的商业律师 remarked that 史蒂文 “is widely regarded by the market as a ‘great courtroom litigator’" in their 2018 edition. 史蒂文(Steven)和他的团队赢得了 加拿大法律奖 代表“年度最佳商业诉讼团队”在加拿大最高法院成功代表贝尔和国家橄榄球联盟 历史上的行政法三部曲。

Supporting in-house counsel at multinational organizations across a range of industries, 史蒂文 has acted as lead counsel in many prominent cases, appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada, the Superior and Appellate Courts of British Columbia and Ontario and the Federal Court of Canada. Some of his notable experience includes:

  • 代表 国家橄榄球联盟和贝尔媒体担任首席律师 历史悠久的加拿大最高法院一案被推翻 CRTC决定在超级杯期间禁止替换美国广告。麦卡锡·特劳特 was awarded the Canadian Law Award 授予“年度最佳商业诉讼团队”称号;
  • 担任百时美施贵宝(Bristol Myers Squibb)的首席法律顾问,就成功对Sandoz和Pharmascience的专利ELIQUIS®提出专利侵权诉讼;
  • 作为默克公司针对涉及药物Mevacor的Apotex的首席律师,获得了加拿大历史上最大的专利损害赔偿奖之一;
  • 代表 Bell Canada in the successful defence of a patent infringement action involving Bell's IPTV service FibeTV;
  • 代表 Nickelback in successfully defending a copyright infringement claim involving the song 燃烧到地面
  • 代表 an international group of copyright organizations and professors in American Broadcasting Cos., Inc. v. Aereo, Inc., 573 U.S. _ (2014) before the Supreme Court of the United States;
  • 警钟 贝尔媒体(Bell Media)在针对VMedia的版权侵权诉讼中提出了以下问题:根据《版权法》,未经版权所有者的同意,是否允许通过互联网流式直播电视;和
  • 代表许多高风险,关键任务专利诉讼事务的创新制药公司,定期取得积极的,通常是先例的成果。
" 他非常有战略性,非常周到,并且了解我们的业务。他的思维方式非常创新,进取,非常聪明,他将专注于结果。 "

史蒂文 is an adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Faculty of Law where he has taught intellectual property law for more than a decade. Frequently invited to speak about topics in the field of intellectual property litigation, he enjoys sharing his wealth of experience to mentor young lawyers. He also co-authored 知识产权 Law in Canada: Cases and Commentary (Carswell,第二版,2013年)以及 版权:有关加拿大和国际法的案例和评论 (Carswell,第二版,2013年)。

史蒂文 also practised for several years at a large law firm in San Francisco and Palo Alto, California where he specialized in patent litigation.

史蒂文 is admitted to practice before all courts in Canada, as well as the United States District Court (N.D. Cal.), the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court of International Trade and the United States Supreme Court. He is a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the State Bar of California.



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