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苏珊·沃兹曼 is a partner in the 多伦多 办事处 of 麦卡锡·特劳特. She is also the founder of MT>3,麦卡锡•特特拉特的一个部门。公吨>3是加拿大领先的律师事务所,专门从事电子发现,信息治理和数字信息管理。

苏珊’s creativity, legal and business acumen, and commitment to innovation and technology ensure clients receive effective, cutting edge and efficient managed review, e-discovery and information management 服务. As one of Canada’s most respected e-discovery lawyers,  Susan坚信信息不必承担任何责任,并且可以帮助客户理解其信息和文档可以成为重要资产。

苏珊 provides advice to clients concerning the management of e-discovery, from preservation, identification, collection, processing, review and production of electronic records. She works extensively with clients on litigation, tribunal and regulatory matters, including Competition Bureau matters. She also provides advice to clients on information management and technology strategies. 苏珊 and her team work extensively with clients to develop information governance, best practice, guidelines and litigation readiness plans for managing electronic information.

苏珊’s expertise in e-discovery was developed during her long tenure as a partner at one of Canada’s leading litigation firms, where her practice encompassed a broad range of civil litigation, acting for corporate clients, small to mid-sized businesses and individuals in a wide variety of commercial disputes.

A leader in the e-discovery community, 苏珊 served as Chair of the Sedona Canada Working Group from 2006 to 2010, supervising the development of provincial and national guidelines for e-discovery. 苏珊 is a sought-after and frequent lecturer on e-discovery and information governance topics, and is regularly quoted in industry publications and other media. She has written several seminal papers concerning e-discovery and its impact on litigation in Canada. She has also chaired and participated in professional committees that have developed provincial and national reports and guidelines for e-discovery.

苏珊 is a member of The Sedona Canada Conference Steering Committees, The Sedona Conference, Working Groups 1,6 and 7, the Canadian Bar Association and The Advocates' Society. She is also a member of the Ontario Cabinet - Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, a Board and Executive Committee Member of Canadian Stage and Chair of their Audience Development Committee. 苏珊 is also a Co-Chair of the Art 多伦多 Opening Gala Committee and member of the AGO’s Curator’s Circle Committee.

苏珊 received her LLB from the 曼尼托巴大学 in 1990.


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