CM(加拿大)资产管理公司将Grouse Mountain Resort出售给Northland Properties





麦卡锡 T&急;建议外伤LLP 代表CM(加拿大)资产管理有限公司处理将Grouse Mountain Resort出售给Northland Properties Corporation。收购松鸡  芒特(Mountain)增加了北国(Northland)的重要业务,该业务已经包括两个不列颠哥伦比亚省的现有滑雪资产。

Grouse Mountain is the number one visitor attraction in the Lower Mainland, with 1.3 million annual visitors. Known as the Peak of 温哥华, it offers unparalleled panoramic views of the city, sea and surrounding mountains along with a wide range of year-round outdoor and educational activities, dining and more.

Northland Properties Corporation is a Canadian company, 100% privately-owned by the Gaglardi Family with headquarters in 温哥华. 北国是莫克西桑顿酒店集团桑德曼酒店集团的母公司’s Grill & Bar, Denny’的餐厅,牛排餐厅,鲨鱼俱乐部体育酒吧烧烤店,雷夫尔斯托克避暑山庄和全国曲棍球联盟的达拉斯之星。

CM(加拿大)资产管理有限公司 is a 温哥华-based private equity investment firm. It invests in businesses with competitive edges and differentiated value propositions as well as real estate projects with value-add opportunities.

麦卡锡 Tétrault LLP 由Cameron Belsher 和Pavan Jawanda 领导的团队为CM(加拿大)资产管理公司提供咨询服务,其中包括 Gerald 护手 and Leisa 希基 (M&A),克雷格·谢里夫(Craig 舍雷夫),郑纳森(Jonathan 程 )和 Morris 蔡  (房地产与规划),金·布朗(Jim 棕色 )和贾斯汀·舒梅克(Justin 鞋匠)(税),杰森·古道夫斯基(Jason 古多夫斯基)和凯特·麦克内斯(Kate 麦克尼斯 )(竞争) Paul Cassidy and Selina 李·安德森(环境),Chris 麦哈迪 (劳动和就业),Yincent 叶 (知识产权),Miranda 我是 (诉讼)和Peter Quon(文职学生),以及一个律师助理团队,其中包括Michele Zinsli Ma,Roberta Cooper ,Caroline Mui和Bethanne Bell。