CVC Capital 伙伴s Asia Fund IV收购OANDA Global Corporation





2018年10月15日,CVC Capital 伙伴s的全资子公司CVC Capital 伙伴s Asia Fund IV宣布已完成对OANDA Global Corporation的收购。 交易的财务条款没有透露。 

CVC Capital 伙伴s is a leading global private equity and investment advisory firm. Founded in 1981, CVC today has a network of 23 办事处 and approximately 450 employees throughout Asia, 欧洲 and the U.S. In total, CVC currently manages $70 billion of assets. Funds managed or advised by CVC are invested in 61 companies worldwide, employing 270,000 people in numerous countries. Together, these companies have combined annual sales of over $60 billion.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in 多伦多, Ontario, OANDA is a global online retail trading platform, currency data and analytics company. OANDA's award-winning technology and institutional-grade execution across a wide range of asset classes enables clients to trade currencies, equity indices, commodities, treasuries and precious metals. The company has grown to be the definitive source of FX rates trusted by leading global corporations such as Google, Samsung and Tesla as well as audit firms, tax authorities and industry associations such as IATA. OANDA has grown globally with established operations in 伦敦, New Delhi, 纽约, Tokyo, 多伦多, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. 

麦卡锡étrault LLP为一个由Cameron Belsher和Pavan Jawanda领导的团队(包括Glynnis 摩根和Erin O'Callaghan(公司/ M&A),Sean Sadler(证券),Vincent 叶(知识产权),Kelleher 林奇和Patrick 彭吉利(养老金)&就业)和Ana 坏的(金融服务)。