OP Realty Inc. sells 11-property industrial portfolio for C$249M






在2019年9月17日,Pure Industrial 房地产 Trust("PIRET")从安大略养老金医疗保健计划(以下简称“医疗保健计划”)购买了大蒙特利尔地区的11种产业资产"HOOPP"),总价为2.49亿加元。该投资组合的面积约为150万平方英尺,交易价格约为每平方英尺166美元。此次收购有望成为今年加拿大最大的工业房地产交易之一,其中包括仓库,配送中心和物流大楼。它也被认为是蒙特利尔历史上最大的工业交易之一。

皮雷特 is wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S.-based real estate giant Blackstone and Canadian institutional investor Ivanhoe Cambridge, owning 62 per cent and 38 per cent of 皮雷特 respectively, having paid about $3.8 billion for it earlier this year. Prior to the takeover, 皮雷特 had been one of the most active purchasers of industrial property in Canada and the U.S.

OP is a defined benefit pension plan that tailors their plan to the healthcare sector while building a foundation for a financially secure retirement for Ontario's healthcare workers. OP's pension fund serves more than 350,000 healthcare workers across Ontario.

麦卡锡 étrault advised OP in the sale with a team led by 詹姆斯·帕帕迪米特里乌(James Papadimitriou) 安妮·加格农·拉洛克克,马修·皮科夫斯基和 Nadir 普拉查.