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格雷戈里·温菲尔德 is counsel in our Pensions, Benefits &高管薪酬 Group. Since joining the group in 1990, he has provided strategic legal advice to employers with respect to pension plans, profit sharing plans, registered retirement savings plans, welfare benefits plans, retirement compensation arrangements and other areas of executive compensation.

格雷戈里 has over 30 在退休金计划的管理,运作和税收方面以及在有关计划的税收和管理方面的立法方面具有多年的经验。此外,他在处理买卖交易和公司重组计划(包括CCAA)方面拥有丰富的经验,并就使用剩余资产的权利提供了建议。

格雷戈里 has been involved in many of the leading pension and benefits matters of the past 30 years including the first decisions relating to contested 通过tial wind ups of pension plans and the deemed trust provisions of the Pensions Benefits Act (Ontario). He acted as lead pension counsel for Algoma Steel in its pension restructuring under CCAA in 2001 and has 通过ticipated in a number of other restructurings (most recently Chrysler Canada Inc.) with key benefits issues. He worked on the first Employee Life and Health Trust to be established in Canada. 格雷戈里 frequently acts on pension investment matters for the largest pension plans in Canada and has a 通过ticular expertise in dealing with public sector pension plans, including structuring of investments and debt offerings.

格雷戈里 was the lead lawyer among the McCarthy team that contributed the Canadian research and analysis in the seminal ESG work "A legal framework for the integration of environmental, social and governance issues into institutional investment" produced for the Asset Management Working Group of the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) Finance Initiative, October 2005.

他在广西福利彩票发行中心法律的几乎所有领域的许多行业会议上发表过演讲,包括管理者和其他受托人的义务,治理,沟通和法律责任,并购,破产,投资,高管广西福利彩票发行中心和风险管理。最近,他赢得了2013年 国际广西福利彩票发行中心&员工福利律师协会他与马克·菲尔曼(Mark Firman)合着的“加拿大雇员生命与健康信托”文章获得了“托尼·瑟纳姆奖”。

在加入McCarthyTétrault之前,他曾在安大略省广西福利彩票发行中心委员会(“ PCO”)(安大略省金融服务监管局(“ FSRA”)的前身)工作。 ) in its policy branch and for an international pension consulting firm. 格雷戈里 has acted as special advisor to the PCO in respect of pension reform matters.

他目前在  FSRA资产转让技术咨询委员会。

格雷戈里 received his BA from the University of 多伦多 in 1982 and his LLB from Queen’s University in 1986.