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Université de 多伦多



A skilled and trusted advisor, clients look to 乔纳森 to navigate their complex competition/antitrust and foreign investment needs

作为我们竞争/​​反托拉斯的合作伙伴& Foreign Investment Group and 通讯技术 Group in 多伦多, 乔纳森 is known for his expertise in advising clients on competition/antitrust and 加拿大投资法 审查其合并和收购的许可。他曾为多个行业的一些最复杂和高风险的国内和全球合并提供咨询。

乔纳森 is also a trusted advisor to those seeking advice with regards to compliance with the 竞争法 (例如贸易惯例,广告)和 加拿大投资法。此外,他还为客户进行有关以下方面的调查和诉讼: 竞争法.

乔纳森 also advises clients on a variety of communications law topics, such as telecommunications, broadcasting and spectrum management.

认识到他的能力, WHO’s WHO Legal has 名称d 乔纳森 as a Competition Future Leader. 乔纳森 is also Chair of the Mergers Committee, and former Chair of the Economics and Law Committee, of the National Competition Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association.


乔纳森 has represented numerous clients with their important transactional work. Most prominently, he advised:

  • 美国金属&煤炭国际公司和Riverstone Holdings以3.5亿加元从加拿大政府手中收购Ridley Terminals
  • 夏尔(Shire)被武田以620亿美元收购
  • 代表罗克韦尔·柯林斯以300亿美元被联合技术公司收购
  • 陶氏化学以1300亿美元与杜邦合并
  • 代表安桥(Enbridge)以370亿美元收购Spectra Energy
  • 代表卡夫与亨氏(Heinz)进行400亿美元的合并
  • Molson Coors以120亿美元收购Miller品牌
  • 拉法基以500亿美元与Holcim的合并
  • 永明保险以5.6亿美元收购Bentall Kennedy
  • 利昂百货(Leon's)以7亿美元收购The Brick
  • Agrium(现为Nutrien)以18亿美元收购Viterra资产

乔纳森 was called to the bar in Ontario in 2012 and is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

乔纳森 received his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Medical Science from the University of Western Ontario in 2007. He received his JD/MBA from the Faculty of Law and Rotman School of Management at the University of 多伦多 in 2011. In 2010, he completed an exchange at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong.