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卡尔斯滕·卡里恩斯 has recently completed his second year of law school at Western University in London, Ontario. Prior to pursuing law, he attended Mount Royal University where he completed a Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Analysis and a minor in Accounting. While studying at Mount Royal, Karsten was a part of the co-op program which granted him the opportunity to work at WestJet as a summer student in their treasury department.
在参加法学院的同时,Karsten一直在积极参与一名学生大使,其中包括代表西方法律的潜在学生。 他也是西方歹徒的成员,这是一个学生集团,促进了LGBTQ学生和教师之间的社区,指导和专业发展。

karsten.’s current career aspirations are to become a securities, tax or banking/financial services lawyer and to devote time and energy to helping people through non-profit organizations.