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Brad Squibb is a partner with the firm’s Business Law Group, located in 卡尔加里. His practice focuses on capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and securities regulatory compliance matters.



Brad is a member of the Law Society of Alberta, the 卡尔加里 Bar Association and the Canadian Bar Association. He currently serves as Chair of the 能源Business Committee of the American Bar Association’s Business Law Section.


  • Journey 能源in its debt restructuring.

  • Tartan 能源Group in its acquisition of assets from a private oilfield 服务 company through a formal BIA process.

  • 代表Tillridge Global Agribusiness Partners收购Freshstone Brands Inc.

  • Journey 能源in its C$7.3M flow-through private placement.

  • ILTA Grain Inc.在整个CCAA程序中,包括完成将ILTA萨斯喀彻温省剩余资产出售给Viterra,ETG Commodities和DG Global的各种交易。

  • 帝陀,皮克林,霍尔特&代表Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc.特别委员会的财务顾问,就Enbridge Inc.以C $ 4.7B收购Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc.的所有公共股权提供正式估值和公平性意见。恩布里奇还没有拥有。

  • 代表ILTA Grain Inc.将其可食用豆业务出售给Hensall Co-Op。

  • 一家地球物理和技术服务提供商,与一家国际公司合资成立,旨在开发和测试“同类首创”的电气和电机技术,包括为客户提供北美和美国其他地区的专有技术许可和未来发展的世界。

  • Robots and Pencils, a leading 卡尔加里-based mobile strategy and app development firm, as Canadian counsel, in a majority private equity buyout and recapitalization from Next Sparc, a transaction which included a merger with portfolio company KINETiQ DIGITAL.

  • 代表Xtreme Drilling Corp.与AKITA Drilling Ltd.进行2.09亿加元的业务合并。

  • 代表Catalyst Paper Corporation被Paper Excellence 加拿大 Holdings Corporation收购。

  • Zenith 能源Ltd. on the company’s admission to trading on Merkur market of the Oslo Bors, and previously in diversifying its Canadian capital market requirements by dual listing from the TSXV to the LSE, and in capital raises through equity issuances and debenture offerings into the European market.

  • 国际足联(FIFA)对北美成功申办FIFA世界杯的评估TM值  in 2026.

  • 代表First Reserve对其对PetroShale Inc.的全资运营子公司的7,500万美元优先股投资,以及对PetroShale Inc.普通股的后续投资。

  • Equity Group Investments对ILTA Grain Inc.的间接投资,ILTA Grain Inc.是加拿大豆类作物的主要发起者,加工者和出口商。

  • Vertex Resource Group Ltd.完成在TSX Venture Exchange上的合格交易和相关上市。

  • Zenith 能源Ltd. in ongoing commercial and operational advice related to operations in Azerbaijan, and in the identification and evaluation of new business ventures.

  • The placement agents for Athabasca 油Corporation, as Canadian counsel, in the private placement of US$450M of 9.875% senior secured second lien notes due 2022.

  • 代表Xtreme Drilling and Coil 服务 Corp.以2.05亿美元的价格将其XSR连续油管服务部门出售给斯伦贝谢有限公司的两家关联公司。

  • Canamax 能源Ltd. with its going private transaction with a group consisting of Edge Natural Resources LLC, Canamax senior management and certain Canamax shareholders for a transaction value of approximately $82M, by way of plan of arrangement.

  • Altura 能源Inc. (formerly Northern Spirit Resources Inc.) in connection with its reorganization and investment agreement for (i) a non-brokered private placement for proceeds of approximate $25M (ii) the appointment of a new management team and (iii) a rights offering to current holders of common shares.

  • Canamax 能源Ltd. in its acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Powder Mountain 能源Ltd., by way of a plan of arrangement, for C$27.6M worth of Canamax shares.

  • Equal 能源Ltd. in the sale of all of its issued and outstanding common shares to Petroflow 能源Corporation and Petroflow 加拿大 Acquisition Corp. for approximately US$230M.

  • PetroChina International Investment Company Limited, directly and indirectly through its subsidiary Phoenix 能源Holdings Limited, in its C$1.9B acquisition of a 60% working interest in Athabasca 油Corp.’s MacKay River and Dover oil sands projects, and in its subsequent acquisitions of the remaining 40% interest in the MacKay River project for C$680M and the remaining 40% interest in the Dover project for C$1.2B.